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Just an artsy guy in West New York.


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are you from the U.S?

I am IN the US, but I am 100% made in México. Hope that’s not a problem. That would be bad if it where.


He tripped out😳 by queenmaya

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Many, although two big ones are:
Sometimes I miss-pronounce things when I try to speed through an explanation. (I am bilingual) and people tend to laugh and make fun of it; rather than be understanding.
And body image. Although I am slowly learning to be healthy once more and love my body. Since it’s the only one I’ll get this lifetime.



The best engagement rings are the ones that hold significance. Japan-based Torafu Architects coated a ring in a thin layer of silver that rubs off over time to reveal an 18-karat, gold wedding band beneath. By wearing each ring, the time shared between two people can thus be physically seen, in order to remind them of how beautiful and strong long-lasting love can truly become as time passes.

This makes me so happy

DEFINETELY getting some like these when I marry ❤️





brown girls rule the world

I’m sorry to say this but if someone said “white girls rule the world” instead of “brown girls rule the world” then we’d have a major shitstorm on our hands.

Because when white people rule the world bad things happen
-stealing children from natives
-unfair control of land and money
-skin whitening creams
-unfair representation in the media
-self hatred
-bias school material (starting in preschool)
-cultural appropriation
-mass incarceration of PoC
-unfair opportunities
Shall I continue?
Y’all are everywhere
Y’all have made young PoC hate themselves because they’re skin isn’t white enough
So when a brown girl flaunts her beauty please do yourself a favor and don’t interrupt
I hope I live for the day white girls don’t rule the world anymore
And it’s not racism against white people
We ain’t got the power to oppress you.

"white girls rule the world" is a major theme shoved down our throats daily